IC Training Centre initiated its Turing Scheme and organised its first trip to Barcelona on October 26, 2023, for a 21-day program, it involved a carefully curated itinerary blending educational, cultural, and practical experiences for the participants.

The trip might have included:

·         Language learning opportunities: Given that Barcelona is in a Spanish-speaking region, the program had included language classes or conversational sessions to enhance participants’ Spanish skills.

·         Networking and social activities: Events were designed to foster interaction among participants, allowing them to build connections, share experiences, and create lasting friendships.

·         Leisure and exploration: Free time for participants to explore the city, try local cuisine, and experience the vibrant lifestyle of Barcelona.

The 21-day duration had everyone allowed for a comprehensive experience, enabling participants to gain a deeper understanding of Barcelona’s culture, society, and professional landscape while enhancing their skills and broadening their perspectives.

This trip had been a transformative and enriching experience for the IC Training Centre participants, aligning with the objectives of the Turing Scheme to promote international opportunities and learning experiences for students.

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