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IC Training Centre is an education and training provider offering high-quality work-­based training and apprenticeships to help you get on in your chosen career. IC Training Centre provides a range of courses and qualifications including Apprenticeships in Business Administration, Customer Service, Health & Social Care, Childcare, Digital Marketing, Supporting Teaching & Learning and Assessor awards.

Over 8 Years of Teaching

Our Vision, Mission and Aims

Our Vision

IC Training Centre aims to improve the quality of life and skills of individuals and diverse communities to reach their full potential in the 21st Century job marketplace.

Our Mission

IC Training Centre’s mission is to ensure that we contribute towards economic growth by reducing the skills shortage gap, meeting employer’s needs and developing flourishing communities as a result of offering our customers a wide range of educational, learning, training and development opportunities.

Overall Aims and Objectives

To provide a range of educational, training and developmental opportunities in order to upskill local people to enable them to enter the job market and build a flourishing career.

Aim 1: Achieving Excellence and Quality

  • OB 1.1: Ensure the centre continually strives for excellence in standards
  • OB 1.2: Ensures learners outcomes and experiences are excellent
  • OB 1.3: Engage staff development in excellence and quality frameworks

Aim 2: Providing students with outstanding customer experience

  • OB 2.1: Establish best practice to support positive student experiences
  • OB 2.2: Support and promote students and Alumni’s journey of progression
  • OB 2.3: Promote and deliver high-quality accessible training, education and professional development opportunities to students and new customers.

Aim 3: Organisational Growth and Development

  • OB 3.1: Ensure ICTC is Fit for Purpose
  • OB 3.2: Identify ongoing sustainable resources and funding
  • OB 3.3: Foster partnerships with employers and stakeholders

About Us

Our Community

We support communities grow stronger. Our employer engagement team is constantly networking with organisations, employers, and professionals in local communities to identify a wide range of opportunities and help our learners get back to work.

Director’s Message

Welcome to our Strategic Plan 2021-2025. All our staff have contributed to its development over the previous years and we will all play an important part in ensuring its successful implementation. This Strategic Plan is a statement of where we want to be by 2025; how we are going to get there and how we will ensure that we arrive, thrive and progress forward.

It is not a plan that is written down and then forgotten. It will be supported, driven and continually reviewed by an annual business planning process and key performance indicators which will allow us to monitor our progress as we head towards our 2025 Vision.

There are radical changes taking place across the Further and Higher Education sector such as public funding reductions and shifting educational priorities, which present significant opportunities and also challenges to meet in the years ahead.

Against this backdrop, we should never forget that IC Training is a unique institution which has adapted and changed and continued to improve people’s lives over the past few years. Our focus for the next five years is on redefining our shared values, maximising the efficiency of our operations, diversifying our activities, and ensuring an excellent student experience. We are confident that this will ensure that the Centre continues to occupy a unique position in the local community for many generations to come.

Jayabalan Gukanesan
IC Training Centre
4th Floor, Forest House, 16-20 Clements Road
London, IG1 1BA
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 2033711041
Mob: +44 (0) 796046 4339
Email: jay@ictraining.co.uk

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