Our trip to Bournemouth Beach!

Over the weekend, we took a wellbeing trip to Bournemouth with our staff, students, friends, and family. It was a wonderful chance to strengthen our staff and student bonds even more.


As IC Training values the well-being of our staff and students, we thought this would be a great opportunity to spend some time together and have an enjoyable time away.

We then arrived at Bournemouth beach, which was the ideal time to begin playing in the water. It was a lovely and bright day, so as soon as we arrived, we took photographs and acknowledged the other staff members and students who couldn’t make it. We eventually had lunch together and carried on having fun participating in activities with everyone.



The highlight of the trip was the volleyball game, which some of our staff and students happily took part in.

Afterwards, we went swimming, spent some time at the pier, and played arcade games. It was a day full of fun and enthusiasm for all.



On the way back home, none of us could goof around because we were all so exhausted. 



Overall, the trip was enjoyable and it was a good break we all needed with each other. On that note, it was lovely seeing everyone enjoy the weather at the beach and spend some time together.  We believe that trips like this helps everyone to maintain good relationships, reduce the stress and also maintain the good work-life balance

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