Our Governors’: Sheila Singh

Sheila Singh, an award-winning professional, a mother of four, Managing Director and Principal of London School of Academics established in 2010, specialising in bespoke Teacher Training.

Sheila holds the following prestigious awards: Gold Medal of Excellence for her contribution towards Teacher Training in 2008 awarded by City and Guilds. Britain’s Bravest Women in 2008, Barclays Trading Places Awards 2010, Women’s Business of the year 2010/2011, and Entrepreneurial of Excellence Award for Gender at the National Diversity Awards 2012 which recognised the Equality and Diversity values.

Sheila Singh

Sheila was a judge at the Sikh awards. 2014. In 2015, Sheila was nominated for the Education Award 2015, by the Professional Asian Awards. In 2017, an Award from IC Training in recognition of hard work and determination within the education sector. In 2018, was given an award for an influential role model and mentor in the community. Sheila was awarded the City and Guilds Lion Award 2018 (highly commended Centre of the year Globally). And most recently in 2021 was given the Lifetime achiever’s award.

Sheila has worked in many international and government funded colleges teaching full time and part time over the last 25 years. Sheila has a background in ICT and Education and Training. Sheila has worked as a lecturer/ Assessor and IQA.

The motivation behind setting up London School of Academics was discrimination for people with disabilities. Sheila has trained over 4000 teachers, many of which faced adversity through their disabilities and other barriers which hindered opportunities to study. Sheila’s goal in life is to help people overcome barriers they face in their lives to employability and education. Sheila is keen to contribute to eradicate unemployment and create quality and diversity within Teacher Training.

Sheila holds a degree with honours in Education and Training, Certificate in Education and Training, IQA and Assessors awards. Sheila also holds a practitioner’s certificate in NPL Training.

Sheila’s hobbies include fund raising, cooking, and swimming.

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