Our Governors’: Geoff Hill


  • Cert Ed
  • B. ED
  • Advanced Diploma (Management, Psychology of Assessment and Counselling)
  • M.Ed
  • HTI
  • IIP Advisor


  • Senior Management positions in Secondary Education
  • Evaluator for TVEI
  • Business Education Partnership
  • Consultant for Business Education Engagement (Dept, Education contract)
Geoff Hill


  • Head Teacher into Industry Alumni – associated with Warwick University
    Management of BR National Programme for Supervisory Management Training (C.E)
  • Key Communicator for Profit Centre Privatisation for B.R.
  • Change Management
  • Project Management during Privatisation Process
  • Consultancy work for Geoffrey A. Hill Consultancy
  • Research and development work in Business education, progression and Business Development for Barking and Dagenham Council & Havering Council
  • Investors in People Advisor for LETEC and LSC
    Freelance Evaluator for various projects

Voluntary and Other

  • Chairman Of Redbridge Chamber of Commerce (ret.)
  • Vice Chairman and founder of The Gresham Benevolent Fund (Charity)
  • Adviser for Participation Project for a H.E. Establishment
    NED for ICT

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