Exciting news – new 2 year NUS Apprentice extra card has been launched.

The price is £19 for 2 years  or £11 for 1 year and is now live – the link is   https://www.apprenticeextra.co.uk/

Buy your Apprentice card now

The NUS Apprentice extra card gives you exclusive access to hundreds of discounts at online and high street brands. Available for one-year at £11 or two-year at £19

You need 3 things to continue

  • You need to be an apprentice
  • Have a webcam or recent photo
  • Have your payment ready

How do I apply for an NUS CARD?

Step 1

To apply for your NUS Extra card, simply click on the link below and go through the application process.

NUS Extra link – https://cards.nusextra.co.uk/buy

Step 2

Enter your email address.

Step 3

When it asks for place of study, please type in full – IC Training Centre

Step 4

choose validity either for 1 year or 2 years and make the payment

Step 5

Provide a head and shoulders passport style photo for your card, preferably against a light background.

Step 6

Enter your details

Continue with the rest of the steps of the application process.

Here is the link for everything NUS Apprentice extra https://www.apprenticeextra.co.uk/discounts.aspx

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